I'm a Christian, a wife, a homeschooling mom of nine, and a manager of my home.  And                                                                                 yes, that's a full-time job.  But sometimes one income just isn't enough. ...that's why                                                                            I learned how to make money blogging.
                                                                         I believe a wise woman can effectively manage her home while earning extra income on                                                                                her own time.

This site is about helping you do just that because I don't believe we have to  choose between home and earning money.  There have never been more opportunities for moms to earn extra income while keeping her home-priorities, and I am passionate about helping moms be able to stay home!

I'm excited to share with you what I have learned and continue to learn along the way. 

This site will:

  • Tell you about many different ways to make money blogging
  • Explain blogging from the basics to editing your own code and making your blog work for you
  • Provide tons of information about traffic-building, marketing and branding
  • Update often with new information on increasing your on-line business
  • Feature other moms who are making it happen and willing to tell you how
  • Provide a platform for answering all your questions about earning money on-line

FREE 2-week trial!  There is no risk to join.  You have 2 weeks to decide whether this site is for you.  If you aren't satisfied with the information available, you  may cancel--no questions asked!  Remember, too, that the site will be continually updated with information about starting/improving your blog business!

"Kelly's Home Paid Blogger is the ideal resource for the blogger that has no idea where to start. She won't overwhelm you, is patient, friendly and encouraging, and VERY prompt in getting back to you. Her easy to understand style will take you step by step to where you want to go with your blog. "-Deb Maubach, Homeschool-Entrepreneur.com

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                  About the author of Homepaid Blogger...

Kelly Crawford is a devoted wife and mom, "blogging entrepreneur" and free lance author who has been featured in a number of major homeschooling magazines and on popular radio stations. She has been invited to speak all over the country for her encouragement to moms, and wives seeking to make home their first priority and still a place of productive industry.

You can visit her website to see the ebooks, and other resources she sells from home.